Do you travel for elopements and weddings? 

Absofreakinglutely! In order to be as accessible as possible to all people all over the world, I do not charge travel fees anywhere in the world, ever. So no matter where your love story is taking place, travel is always included and I will be there to tell the tale. 


How do we book you?

We set a date to connect in person or via skype/facetime, then we talk about how you guys met, what your dog’s name is, what suits your fancy and everything else in between. I show you samples of prints, we discuss details and pricing etc. then after meeting and getting to know each other, if we agree we’re a good fit we make a pact, or in this case sign a contract. and I’m yours! *a 50% retainer fee is also required at this time.


I just got engaged! jznjziuwhscyf!…..Now what?

Let's get that excitement documented! I love to use engagements as a super important time to connect, hang out, and really get to know each couple. I consider myself partial to emotional shooting rather than technical, and my goal is to not only hear your story but to feel it as well. I also give a dope discount for engagement/wedding packages booked together.


What happens after my wedding?    

We part ways, yes I’m sad as well. then i need some time, about 6-8 weeks for fully completed wedding images, I usually get crazy into my work and it might be even sooner but that’s my general estimate. For film images it’ll probably be an addition 2 weeks. At that time, you will get an online gallery of your images (500-800 roughly), from here you can download, order prints, & share the gallery link. *hard copies on a usb drive are available for a small fee. 


Do you make wedding albums?

I do! and I very much enjoy the process of designing wedding albums. Each albums is deigned custom to each individual couple. 


Do you offer printing services? 

I love prints, and I love makin’ prints. As an artist there is something very special about having your work alive and tangible. It’s an intimacy that can’t be match on the digital screen.  I’m super particular about my printing and I print in my own studio on fine art moab lasal matte paper (235gsm). It’s crazy amazing. so get in touch for pricing and more details on albums as well. There is no order too small.