Stephanie + John

Stephanie and John decided to choose a more simplistic and quaint approach with their wedding day. They picked an amazing restaurant in downtown Raleigh for a venue, and got their families and just a few friends together to join them on their super chill and intimate wedding day. They also chose to get ready together, which was a total treat to photograph. There is something so wonderful about documenting a couple getting ready together before they officially get married. John putting on socks while Stephanie finishes with hair and make up. John offering to help Stephanie put on her necklace in the mirror, and zip up her dress. It's truly about those small moments that hold so much meaning, and you can't help but smile inside. Overall the day was full of love, laughs, a few tears, relaxation (yes, relaxation) and amazing food. I felt so lucky to capture and be a part of their intimately loving universe, and seriously cannot get over their photos. As the first wedding of the season, the bar is SET. 

Venue & Food: Second Empire Tavern and Restaurant 

Hair & make-up: Lula Makeup 

Officiant: Kayelily Middleton 

Florist: North Raleigh Florist 


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