Kim + Zach

Kim and Zach were the definition of fun. I've truly enjoyed every wedding I've shot for the most part, but this one in particular was just so much fun from beginning to end. So Kim and Zach went to the same elementary school up until 5th grade, (crazy right!) and as fate would have it, the met again later in life. Aside from being each others' romantic partners, Kim and Zach are such good friends. It's so clear when you see them together. They laugh, joke, play and their energy is simply contagious.

My favorite moment was during their post ceremony portraits, they were laughing with each other and joking about being so hungry. It was so real and honest. We get so wrapped up in the day that it is so normal for the newlyweds to never have a bite. I can happily say they both did eat, but it's really in those moments of humanity and authenticity that the wedding hoopla fades, and you're just a hungry couple dreaming of carbs.

Kim and Zach also had an amazing community around them. Their friends and family were amazing, loving and genuinely happy for them and their love. The best part is the were not shy about it! An undoubtedly spirited bunch they were, and the photos do not lie. hehe. It was great. Photographing happy people is such a lovely thing for which I am so grateful. All the love and happiness in the world to Kim and Zach!

Check out their photos below: They got ready in the South Street Inn and were married in the Jefferson Theater in the Downtown mall.