Hi, I’m Nadiya…

Nadiya@imaniphoto.com   //   407-454-1209

I am originally from from Detroit, Michigan. I currently, live, work and eat in Richmond, but travel anywhere is the world is always included, (yes, really!) I have a BFA in Photography and Film from VCU Arts. I’m a film + fine art photography nerd, an astrology buff, and a total sucker for vintage anything. 

I come from a multicultural background. My mother is from South Africa and my father is from the Philippines. As such, I experienced a myriad of cultural nuances from both sides of my family including learning and listening to different languages. I would attend Filipino cultural school on Saturdays before hanging out with nana telling me stories of South Africa during Apartheid right before I'd get ready to do my homework and more standard American midwestern kid things. As a little mixed African and Asian girl growing up in a Michigan, I loved my quirky and different upbringing but I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in media, wedding or otherwise. 

Ok so why am I telling you this? 

Because it shows how I came to be so passionate about diversity and why it is such a strong part of who I am. Yes, I am a wedding photographer, but I am also a woman of color that cares deeply about social and cultural issues on a nation and international scale. I want my business to be about more than gorgeous imagery and intimate service. Although those things are vital and close to my heart of hearts, I want Imani Photo to be a voice. A voice for all people to be represented, welcome, and celebrated exactly as they are. Especially those that are not equally represented within the wedding industry. This sentiment struck me especially hard when I was planning my own wedding (My partner and I are an interracial couple). And this is the case not only for interracial couples but other couples as well that end up being underrepresented in the wedding industry. 


So, if you want a wedding photographer:

1. that is inclusive and will not have just one type or color of couple in their portfolio,

2. that is going to celebrate you, your diversity, and quirky ways, 

3. that will never ask you to do super stiff poses that just aren't you, 

4. that will travel to you without additional fees and adventure with you anywhere, 

5. that will give you gorgeous candids and still portraits, 

6. that will treat you as a friend, and

7. that believes one of the most beautiful qualities of humanity is that we are DIVERSE,

Well then, we should talk.